About Us

The Rain Man Co. Ltd was established in 1986, installing/servicing irrigation system throughout the GTA and surrounding areas. We look forward to meeting our customers and building professional trusting relationships. We pride ourselves in our installed irrigation systems and servicing your system to last a lifetime.

We’re always looking for ways to help you make your lawn and gardens look their absolute best in an efficient manner. Proper placement of sprinkler heads, soil type and sun exposure are key for an irrigation design for your lawn and garden. Our licensed technicians are certified through Landscape Ontario, the highest level of non-agricultural irrigation education in Canada. Currently, all our technicians have been with us for over 15 years providing a consistent service, resulting in a high level of quality.

While installing your irrigation system, have us install beautiful outdoor lighting with the capability of dimming and adjusting color of your lights through the touch of your smart phone.
Since The Rain Man was established 29 years ago, we have donated numerous irrigation systems; including Family Transition Place, medical offices at Headwaters Health Care Centre and St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.

Rick Middlebrook is the proud owner of The Rain Man since its establishment in 1986. He is a graduate of Waterloo University and has over 50 years experience in construction. His background was predominately in constructing highways/roads, ditch/drainage, concrete/asphalt, bridges, and fill; as well as heavy machine operation. Given his extensive experience, he can walk onto many different job sites and apply positive input regarding most construction techniques. With the help of a loyal customer base, he has built his company into what it is today.

Our customers love our key technicians and welcome them back year after year. Through our professional technician’s interactions with customers, we have developed a mutual honest, trusting relationship.