The Rain Man uses the top material available in the irrigation and lighting industries. Rainbird and Hunter have been at the leading edge of technology in the irrigation industry for decades. These innovative companies have made great advancements with products, from the Solar Sync, digital controllers and sprinkler heads with built in check valves to micro-drip for watering small flower pots. Sprinkler systems have evolved so greatly, that instead of headaches and gray hairs, we are left with time well spent and lower costs to our valued customers. Our technicians can service any controller, pump, valve, sprinkler or landscape lighting. Our service vehicles are equipped with products for commercial, residential, and sporting fields, whether city water or pump systems. We carry the manufacturer’s warranty through our suppliers on our products, warranties vary on products.

Choosing the appropriate controller for your property can save time and effort; although an inappropriate controller may be more cost effective initially. FYI, low-end controllers from big-box retailers do not have remote options, rain sensor bypasses, multiple start times, programs, hidden features, such as time delay, and an inability to link to outdoor lighting. The controllers we use are your connection to our irrigation system, which is why we use high-quality, digital and most importantly user-friendly. They are capable of operating up to 42 valves/stations.

Depending on your water supply, an irrigation designer will measure your GPM and PSI to determine the appropriate scheduling (pipe diameter) from 1/2″ to 4″ commercial applications. A qualified and experienced designer will design you an efficient system capable of adding to or upgrading. Any claims that a company can save you half the cost of a water bill by proper design are vague at best. The correct way to save money maintaining your property is through a fertilizing schedule, proper lawn maintenance and a watering cycle to fit your specific soil needs. Sandy soils and annual plants are an extreme which requires controllers to run generally daily. The most common soil found throughout the GTA is of a loam mixture, which requires watering on a weekly basis, for longer period of time if roots have grown deeper, or up to three times a week, for those who prefer to water more frequently.